Lookin’ for Cowboys

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By Baxter Black.
So there I was, changing planes in the DFW Texas airport. A twenty-something lady looked up and said, “Well, it’s good to see a cowboy again.” “Where have you been? I asked. “Arizona,” she said. I said, “There’s cowboys in Arizona. “Not that I saw,” she said. “I was in Tucson.” They call’em a vanishing breed, Take pictures like they’re all dyin’ out. Like dinosaurs goin’ to seed, But that’s my friends they’re talkin’ about. “Yer right,” I said, “Tucson isn’t the best place to look for cowboys.” “I thought you were a Texan,” she said. “Well, there’s plenty of cowboys in Texas,” I said, “But dang few in Dallas, unless you count Tomy Romo and the football team.”


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