Be Deliberate

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by Baxter Black 

“If you’re in a hurry, be deliberate.” It always fascinated me that Charmayne James’ horse Scamper looked like he was running slower than the others, but his time was always faster! Was his stride longer? Was his body longer? Were his legs longer? Did it take less strides to go the same distance as the others? Or was each step done with such precision that it eliminated even the slightest misstep that would add micro-seconds to the run? I watch with awe the rodeo calf ropers that flop the calf to the ground and tie him down with two wraps and a hooey, faster than the eye can see! They usually take the short cut on the tie and wait on pins and needles, hoping it will stay tight the required 6 seconds. However, he takes a risk by going for speed.


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