Braymer Bait

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I started out in the cattle business south of the Little Ear Parallel. That line that runs approximately from Fresno to Atlanta. South of that imaginary boundary cattle with ’a little ear’ do real well. Braymer and braymer cross is what we’re talkin’ here.

They differ from the European breeds in several ways, particularly in their resistance to hot weather and bugs. But they differ in another important trait which affects the way you handle them. They are not afraid of human beings.

Oh, they’ll give us a wide berth given a choice but they adjust very quickly to the company of men as long as you don’t stir ‘em up. Which explains why Zebu and not Charlois are worshipped in India. But start messin’ with a Santa Gertrudis calf and you better be lookin’ over your shoulder. Or pushin’ a sick braymer...he’s liable to charge your horse.

As a young stupid youth I worked in the feedlots in the southwest. We fed lots of braymers. They arrived right out of the swamp or piney woods, or off the desert and soon adjusted to life at the bunk. But they were not very good patients at the doctor shack. ‘Specially after they got to weighin’ six or seven hundred pounds.


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