Grandpa Tommy Saved The World

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We were watching The History Channel at Grandma’s casita. It was a story about the USS Enterprise being attacked. It was 1945. They were describing acts of heroism that occurred. Stories of men risking their lives, staying with wounded comrades instead of swimming to safety. Stories that never made the paper or were recognized but were remembered only by those brave souls who dog-paddled in the waves next to a burning ship 3 miles above the sea floor.

It was one of those moments where my son and I were engrossed. I said, “Isn’t it funny, the only person in this house who really understands what we’re watching, is asleep in his chair.” Grandpa Tommy. Kansas farm boy, Junior Petty Officer on a rebuilt WWI destroyer, 3 years, 3 months, 21 days operating as troop ship on the Pacific ocean, docking only twice in ports other than atoll island landings.



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