They call it sorry cotton

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Editor’s Note: The following story appeared in the Dallas Morning News and hits close to home for cotton farmers in Martin County just like the focus of this story from Dawson County.

LAMESA — They call it sorry cotton.

The yellowed, scrawny crop is what Matt Farmer and his son-in-law Garron Morgan say they have too much of this year.

“We’ve got a lot more sorry cotton than we’ve got good cotton,” Garron, 38, said over the roar of the tractors pushing through the fields. Together, the pair farm about 10,000 acres, growing mostly cotton and some peanuts on their West Texas farm about an hour south of Lubbock.

Today was harvest day, typically Matt’s favorite day. He watched as the machines glided across the horizon, raking the cotton balls from their stalks until nearly as clean as a Popsicle stick.

Those little balls of fluff are what he counts on to pay his employees, cover his bills, buy his wife and grandchildren nice Christmas presents. A couple of dozen families are counting on him, too. In addition to his family’s land, he rents farmland from them.


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