Three Wheel Roping

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I’ve always sorta figgered the reason there is more cowboy poetry than there is farmer poetry has to do with horses. Most cowboy poetry is about wrecks. One person plus one cow equals a wreck now and then. One person plus one cow plus one horse equals a wreck every time! But then farmers discovered the three-wheeler! Honda invented the ATV! It was the farmer’s first real horse replacement, complete with speed, weight, maneuvering, swerving, rolling, flipping, crashing and getting bucked off! The bonus was…they became a great inspiration for Cowboy/ Farmer poetry!

Kelly was workin’ for John, his brother and his dad. They were farmers who ran steers on wheat pasture in western Oklahoma. They didn’t use horses. They used three wheelers but they treated them like horses.

John had spotted a snotty nose so he picked up Kelly and they drove back out to find the critter. Kelly sat in the seat behind John as the three wheeler sailed over the sandy wheat field. John pointed to a brockle calf with a little ear. He was a tad wasty and looked to weigh about 600 pounds. “Rope him!” directed John as he goosed the tricycle and snapped Kelly’s neck. They flew across the field toward the fence. John followed the racing calf, swerving from side to side. “Rope him!” he screamed.



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