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The Cost of Recycling

We try to be faithful recyclers around the house. I make regular runs to town with the pickup full of newspapers, bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard boxes and tin.

I take old pipe and steel to the scrap metal yard and buy car parts at G & B Salvage. Yesterday I noticed our toilet paper was labeled “100% unbleached, 100% recycled paper, 100% post consumer content and 59.4 sq. ft. in total area.” It’s a little like newsprint and I feel odd using toilet paper somebody else had used but I guess we’re doin’ the right thing. Sister Sue said they were using it, too. But it struck her as one of the incongruities of modern times that recycled toilet paper costs more than a roll of the new.

I remember the same thing happened with gasoline when they introduced unleaded. It cost more than regular to which they had to add the lead. How ‘bout sugarless gum? Bottled water? Egg substitutes? Hamburger Helper cost more per pound than hamburger. Are we being skewered on our noble quest to be green and healthy?


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