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Cowboy Vegetarian Cookbook

When beef gets short, a lot of cowboys are forced to do without. The cook must come up with meatless meals. The following recipes are from the Cowboy Vegetarian Cookbook.

TENNIS SHOE TONGUE: Select an old one. The price is better and it may have picked up some natural flavor depending on where it has been worn. Boiling is suggested but it may also be fried to a crisp and served on a bed of marinated sweat shirt. Garnish with pickled shoe string.

SEED CORN CAP PIZZA: Carefully clean with a fish scaling knife. Remove all metal buttons, rivets and any plastic tabs. Flatten the cap by soaking in linseed oil then placing it underneath a door mat that gets heavy use. Once pliable cover it with lots of cheese and ketchup. Dry kibbles or dust motes may be sprinkled as a topping for variety.


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