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Christian Growth

Salvation is a wonderful thing. In fact the most wonderful thing that can happen to any person. There are those who do not believe in” Miracles”. Yet the act of being born again is the greatest miracle that could ever happen to a person.

Just think about it, God the creator of the universe coming down and living on the inside of His created being. My mind will not wrap around that concept. I thank God that He dealt with my heart. Now that I have had that experience of being born again and Jesus lives in me 24/7, I may not understand all of it in my mind, but I sure believe it in my heart.

Another thing I have come to understand, the awesome privilege of being a Christian, does not stop with that experience. In fact there is never an end to the blessings that come along with that first step.

You see Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior, the one who came and suffered and died on the cross for us. So we have a communicating relationship with God. Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice”. He came and taught the disciples how to live, to get the most out of the life He gave us.





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