Corona creeps across Martin County lines

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MARTIN COUNTY - The enemy is no longer standing idle at the gates, it has hitched a ride on a traveling Martin County resident and snuck into our backyard.

A 34 year old female and her two kids are currently in the process of a 14 day quarantine after she tested positive for Covid-19.

She visited Midland Memorial Hospital on two different occassions with the first test returning negetive and the second test coming back positive.

The Texas Department of Health Services in El Paso contacted Martin County officials with the news earlier this week and informed them a Martin County resident had tested positive for Covid-19 and that she was being quarantined in her home for 14 days.

Health officals conveyed the virus appeared to be picked up while the family was traveling in the Texas Gulf Coast and does not look to be a case of comminity spread.

No other information was provided and calls for updates have not been returned. As of Wednesday, Texas had 975 confimed cases and 12 deaths out of 13,235 tests.

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