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Years ago the movie “BABE” was nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Picture. It was very popular and made a lot of money. It stars a pig named Babe. A gilt to be more specific... a feeder pig maybe weighin' 80 - 100 lbs. But it was a cute pig. It talked, of course, was kind and brave. And to top it off it did heroic deeds and yet maintained a sensitivity that would make the Pope blush.

All this anthropomorphism, giving a pig human qualities, is necessary if movie makers expect an audience to relate to the hero. It made me wonder if the movie, BABE had a deleterious effect on the price of pork. I made a couple calls but the Pork Producers were non-committal. They had an up market this spring. But I would not have been surprised if it had. The sheep and veal people have known for years that it is hard to convince the public to eat something cute.

Rabbit raisers are careful to avoid any advertising including the words BunnyBurger or BBQ'd Bunny Ribs or Bunny on a Grill. Even in the frozen north they've never developed a market for the Baby Seal Club Sandwich.



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