Because He Loves Us He Has a Plan #1

  • Because He Loves Us He Has a Plan #1
    Because He Loves Us He Has a Plan #1

And Jesus started to talk to them in parables ----[ that is,] With compassion and illustrations. A man planted a vineyard, and put a hedge about it, and dug a pit for the wine press, and built a tower, and let it out [ for rent ] to vinedressers, and went into another country. [Mark 12:1 Amp.]

Compassion: A Compass = Gives direction ----Compass = Instrument to draw a circle.

Compass about as of city walls = limit, bounds, Compassion comes from this word.

Because of His compassion for us, He gives us direction: Stop signs, Warnings, Information, all for our good. He draws a circle: Protection, Gives us limitations, and boundaries through His Word. He doesn’t force us to abide in His decision. He does build a wall around us for protection: In the book of Job, the devil said you have him protected—let me at him, I’ll show you what he is made of. Well, kind of like that.

Illustrations: To make clear with pictures, diagrams, examples. With mental visuals,

Jesus drew pictures with His words. He told of the good things that we have if we abide, He explained the bad things if we don’t abide. Because He loves us, He is still speaking in parables today .He gave me Parables when I worked in my field garden that was twelve rows wide and a quarter of a mile long. Later had me write a little book, “In The Garden”

One illustrations: “I don’t know how many of you have picked green beans in a field garden, but you can pick and pick, knees hurting and back aching. Look up and it seems as though you haven’t moved. The sun begins to beam down on you and perspiration rolling. Thinking, will I ever get to the end.” Sometimes life can be like picking green beans, struggling in our situation, thinking will it ever end? Each one of us should have a destination and be moving toward it. However when we only think of the hurting knees, the aching back, the heat and will it ever end, that makes every step a drudgery.

I found as I picked green beans, when I make each moment an opportunity to give thanks and to praise God, to thank Him that I have this wonderful garden and all the food for my family. That would get my mind off the knees, back, heat and the anxieties of getting it over with. Then time went faster, my basket filled more quickly. When I got to the end of the row, my attitude was much better. Each step in life can be an adventure with Jesus. We make the decision of how we respond to each situation.

When God created Adam and Eve, He placed them in the Garden of Eden. It was the most beautiful place, where all their needs were met. That is still His plan today. Back then, mankind chose to be rebellious to what God said, they fell. Then Jesus came and bought back everything Adam and Eve lost, It’s still our choice today. The Father still has stop signs, warnings, limitations and boundaries for our good. In the middle of all the turmoil of this world, if we obey His instructions, we can have peace and contentment, even in the storm. It’s not too late. He loves us so much He still has a plan. Why not chose His way today. He Has A Plan !