Martin County Community Fund poised to build new facility


STANTON - The Martin County Community Fund board is currently soliciting and reviewing bids for a new Martin County Food Bank, also commonly call Food Pantry.

The present facility is located at 400 North Theresa, in one of the housing development units. This housing unit, consisting of one-bedroom, kitchen and bath is crammed full of refrigerators, freezers and storage shelves. Some years ago the late Bob Deavenport obtained consent to add a wing to increase the food storage. This add-on room was constructed by volunteer Charlie Pinkerton, with help from other Stanton volunteers.

The new buildings will be located on a now-vacant lot just behind the Stanton School District’s office. The proposed structure will be approximately 6,000 square feet and will serve the Food Pantry better and allow more service to the community.

The Martin County Community Fund has a long history in Stanton and Martin County. Perhaps the concept was started by the late Dan Saunders, then sheriff of Martin County, Sheriff Sanders assisted needy families in Martin County, arranging for financial help in emergencies; apparently mostly out of his meager salary as County Sheriff.

Presently, over 100 needy families in Martin County are supplied weekly with basic food and, sometimes, such items as soap, toilet paper and paper towels. Occasionally the Community Fund assists families with emergency help with utilities and prescriptions.

The Martin County Community Fund evolved to what it is today, being funded almost entirely by donations. The Fund is fortunate to be one of the seven charitable organizations selected as inheritance recipients from the estate of the late Grace Jones. The Community Fund is teaming closely with the Permian Basin Area Foundation applying for grants for funding of the new building.

The Food Bank, and Community Fund, is managed by Kim Juarez out of the small office at the location on North Theresa. The Board for the Fund is Jimmy Stallings (Chair), Corky Blocker, Frances Hernandez, Bud Lindsey, Sandy Louder, David Matthews and Jay Napper.

The office can be reached at: 432-756-3254. from 8a.m. - 3p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.