Ginning season starting to slow, stop for some


WEST TEXAS - While some gins in West Texas continue to pump out cotton at a torrid pace, others have slowed down and already wrapped up the 2020 season.

Ackerly pushed its total to 13,001 bales this week and called it a season.

As of Wednesday, Lomax jumped its total to 12,000 bales for the season while Big Spring is reporting 3,967 bales.

Midkiff continues to report strong numbers with 15,305 bales already ginned.

Tarzan’s total climbed to 5,115 bales this week and at St. Lawrence continues to lead the way with 30,081 bales counted.

All combined, totals will be over 80,000 by Thursday.

Stanton, Flower Grove, Midland, and Knott do not have plans to gin cotton this season.